Wednesday, December 9, 2015

We got a winner, we got a winner and it is "The Jefferson Square"

Let's see how we do as first time bloggers.

Currently we live in a Sienna by Ryan Homes.  It's around 2300 sq ft because we have a full finished basement.  This is our first home, we built it back in 2009 as newly weds.  We love the open layout and the big sized bedrooms plus having a basement with a full bath is such a great feature.  Hence, we were not in a rush to buy a second home but we do want to upgrade! 

We started looking for a house almost a year ago, we were leaning towards a custom built but after a lot research we decided to give Ryan Homes a second chance.  We enjoyed spending our free time touring model homes and communities as well as house plans .  

Our first time with RH was ok, we were 'sold' many things that we did not get but as second time home buyers we feel confident we know a little bit more about the process.  Anyways, we thought we have found the perfect home, 'The Rome' until we saw 'The Jefferson Square'.  My wife felt in love with it (we share this blog, sometimes it will be her and sometimes it will be me "the awesome husband")  She loves the foyer, I must admit, it is a beautiful entrance but as soon as our SR said we could have a basement, I was sold.

Date: 9/12/15
We signed the contract and chose elevation K.